Making a Small Difference

In September 2021, we decided to allocate 5% of EVERY SALE towards charity.

This thought took no time to finalize, but how to do it, given we are a small venture, took a very long discussion between my husband and me.

We had two options –

  • One was by just giving money to NGOs already making a difference.
  • OR get fully involved and truly contributing with our heart and soul by reaching out to people with our products.

We decide to go the second way, at least give it a whole-hearted try.

We believe there is a huge need to improve nutritional conditions for children and women, especially expecting and lactating mothers.

We plan to make a small difference by providing nutrition-rich laddus / sweets / food to kids and women either directly or through reputed charity organizations.

This would be our way of giving back.

But in center of this, all is YOU, our customers without whom, this venture would not exist and nor would be this initiative.

So, I thank you for all your support in #makingadifference.

I will update this page regularly with how this initiative takes shape.


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