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I have always been in love with cooking; even as a kid, I used to be interested in cooking in the kitchen.

My mom is my first teacher (she continues to be even now) and my biggest support.

Truth be told, being a cook and passionate about it is still not considered a real job.

So, my cooking journey abruptly ended when I joined college, and then a very hectic time in my career followed. Post marriage, I did start spending more time cooking, but it was not much.

A new beginning

Then, when I was expecting, I decided to quit my corporate life for my kids. I rediscovered my passion for cooking again. But it was still a hobby and no serious stuff. Time passed and I was engrossed with my family.

I have always been sharing the food I used to prepare with my friends – it was some of these close friends who pushed me to start as a home chef.

The response was superb! Thus, with time what started as a way to pursue my passion become a small business.

Taking it online

In the last few years, I have served more than 3,000 orders of meals, breakfasts, sweets, snacks, and more.

The next step was to make the venture go online and reach more people across Mumbai! So, we created this website.

My promise –

Always made Fresh

best ingredients

prepared with love

So, don’t wait! Order now.

In case of any queries, you can contact me.

– Richa

When I am not making sweets, I love to cook and experiment with variety of recipes, check out my Instagram page –

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