Homemade Protein Plus Laddus

17% w/w protein, more than most protein bars (which are twice as expensive).
No preservatives, all-natural
No Sugar; Organic Jaggery & Honey is used for sweetness
– The goodness of Dry fruits and seeds!
– Always prepared fresh on Order

73% of Urban Indians are protein deficient. It can have serious health issues, especially in children. The best way to overcome this is to include items with high protein in our diet, but clearly, that is not happening!

So, how can we make eating protein irresistible, so adults and kids would love it?

As a concerned mother of picky eaters, I have thought about this a lot.

That’s why I created Protein Plus laddus.

With over 17% protein w/w, it has more protein than expensive protein bars and has no preservatives. It is also 100% homemade with the best ingredients.

What does 17% protein mean for you? It means that –

  • For kids 4-9 years, one laddu will provide around 20%-30% of daily protein requirements (based on weight) –
  • For teens (30-50kg) – 2 laddus will provide 20%-30% of daily protein requirements
  • For adults (70 kg, male), two laddus will provide around 15%20% of daily protein requirements.

The laddu has NO sugar; organic jaggery & honey is added for sweetness.

It has NO preservatives. It has all-natural protein with no protein extract or powder added.

It is full of dry fruits and seeds and a delight to eat. Lastly, these are always prepared on rder, thus you will get it fresh!

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Always made Fresh

best ingredients

prepared with love

Homemade Protein Plus Laddus
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