Homemade Pure Dry Fruit Bites / Barfis

– No Sugar – Sweetness is from Dates & Honey
– No Fillers – 100% Dry Fruits
– Homemade & Prepared Fresh
– The goodness of Dry fruits and seeds!

These super tasty healthy 100% Dry Fruit bites are Pure Bliss.

They do not have any artificial ingredients or preservatives. It’s a sweet that is as nutritious and filling as it is delicious!

It is perfect for kids, adults of all ages who will be reaching for these yummy sweets on the go.

Be ready to request these extra-special treats to make your next festival or get-together special. The only problem with ordering in bulk is making sure they don’t disappear before you’re able to share them at once with friends and family!

In case of any queries, chat on WhatsApp :)

Always made Fresh

best ingredients

prepared with love

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Homemade Pure Dry Fruit Bites / Barfis
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